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Amazing, the close camera was so intense. Got that 'simulation' feeling... this is a great 'toy', 'experience' type of game... and that trippy effect is perfect :)

I really like that description of the game! Also, It's nice to hear you like the zoom. I think it wouldn't have worked if you couldn't use the mouse to extend your view.


Oh, I reached the enlightenment. Great idea and amazing realization. Good job, feel the enlightenment :D

This game is designed to bring enlightenment to every player that learns the skill to collect and identify the right species of Bulbus.


Reached enlightenment! I feel so great now haha!

Fun and clever way of handling the theme and limitation. The art is cute and it makes me wondering how come our way to enlightenment is supposed to be illegal haha.

Good job!


Enjoy your enlightenment dude! 

Yes, when you really think about it, you can't help but wonder why...


oh yeah, reached enlightenment! great effects and pixel art. it took me way too lok to figure out which mushrooms killed me

The phallically shaped speciess called 'Bulbus Phalloides' will kill you. BTW what gives you the idea that these are mushrooms???


by mushrooms i purely mean the portabello kind, nothing elicit whatsoever

Oh my God, we used the same music, lol!


Oh wow, YT audio library?

Yes! We must've both filtered the music to be as specific as possible and hoped no one else had the same idea.


Funky, ambient music